Rewards Network Reviews

Rewards Network Reviews

Rewards Network reviews ways to grow restaurants

The restaurant industry has been hit extremely hard by the pandemic. With mandatory lockdowns in effect for most of the past year, restaurants across the globe have had to change their business model to fit safety protocols. Those able to stay open moved from indoor dining to to-go and contactless delivery service. As a return to normal appears to be on the horizon, Rewards Network understands that it has never been more important for dining establishments to attract new customers. By partnering with Rewards Network, restaurants can incentivize diners to order food from their establishment and accumulate rewards in the process.

When a restaurant partners with Rewards Network they allow their patrons to earn rewards that can be used towards special deals with prominent travel and retail brands.

Understanding the Rewards Network difference

  • Members of Rewards Network programs spend about 13% more on average than other diners.
  • The more customers spend, the more rewards they earn, incentivizing them to spend more.
  • Members of Rewards Network programs spend on average 2.5x more annually on their credit cards than non-members.
  • Customers that join Rewards Network are verified and incentivized to leave reviews.

Rewards Network reviews their services to ensure that restaurants are incentivized properly to join their outstanding network. One of the best benefits for restaurants who join the network is that they get incredible marketing support. Depending on the type of restaurant, the establishment can enjoy full support for local or national campaigns. Restaurant managers also gain access to state-of-the-art sales reports. It is easy to tell just how effective a partnership with Rewards Network is for a particular establishment.

The state-of-the-art reporting not only shows transactions, but also enables restaurants to get a better idea of items that are more popular and more valuable to their bottom line. Knowing what food items pair well allows for upsell opportunities.

With enhanced marketing comes the opportunity to brand a restaurant more effectively. Sharing news of the incentives of dining at a particular restaurant provides a good reason to update social media profiles and alert the masses. With just a small amount of monetary investment, ads can target past customers on their social media feeds to let them know that there’s an opportunity to earn rewards by just returning to your restaurant. If loyalty programs have been used in the past and email addresses are available, an email marketing blast may prove most effective.

This website was created because Rewards Network wants to offer as much helpful advice to restaurants as possible. Future blog posts will talk about everything from how to effectively utilize social media to attract more customers to how to train internal employees to position them for a future in management. After a tumultuous year, it is time for the restaurant industry to get back on their feet. Rewards Network is ready to do their part. Any dining establishment looking to learn more about the program itself can reach out to